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Do you ever feel stuck? And no matter how hard you try you can never obtain the feeling satisfaction in your professional life, personal life, or with your social or economic status.

Maybe you have fallen into the "comparison trap".

Comparison is to notice similarities and differences and believe that one thing, object or individual is superior to another

Comparison focuses on the good of one thing and the faults of another.

Comparison says that the identity and significance of one object or individual is superior to another.

Comparison is a trap that keeps us focused on our “less than” and imperfections.

Comparison leads us to believe that one object or individual is perfect and the other is not when in reality we all have imperfections.

The Comparison Trap

Have you ever gotten caught in the comparison trap?

I find myself caught there from time to time.

Saying things to myself such as:

I wish I had her... If only I was... I wish I she does Beware of the comparison trap. It is a "pitfall" that does exactly what it's name says it pulls you down and makes it difficult for you to move up. It's designed to keep you "stuck".

Comparison leads to envy and feelings of inadequacy. Comparison steals from your identity and makes you believe who you are is not good enough and that others around you are superior. Comparison says that you lack and robs you of your true potential. Today I encourage you to break the comparison trap

If we were perfect we would not need God. Our imperfections and shortcomings are opportunities for God to move in our lives and on our behalf.


Comparison keeps us focused on ourselves and not our creator.

God fills in the voids in our lives. Without voids and imperfections we lose the need for God and His grace and power.

God's strength and power manifest when we are weak.

Redirect your focus from yourself and your own strength and focus on God. “And He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness...” ‭‭II Corinthians‬ ‭12:9‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

Mediate on II Corinthians 12:9 and ask Him to help you to trust that where you lack in ability He is sufficient in grace. Prayer: Lord when we focus on our insecurities it distracts us from focusing on you and living out the purpose and plan you have for our lives. Help me to focus on you Lord and your goodness and not my weakness. Help me to surrender my insecurities to you. For you are not looking for a flawless or perfect canvas but you desire a willing and obedient heart. Let my heart’s posture be one that is open available and surrendered to you. Lord I push aside the heavy weight of comparison and insecurity and I grab hold of you - my source of security and strength.

Lord I believe your grace is sufficient and in my weakness your strength is made perfect. So today I embrace all of me, flaws and all so you can do a perfect work in me and through me So today I walk forward in faith and in your power and not my own strength believing what you have given me is good enough and where I fall short is an opportunity for you to move through me. Amen.

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