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"Refill Please"

“God’s word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path” (Psalms 119:105)

Without the word of God we walk in darkness. Women we are naturally givers by nature, often giving until we find ourselves on 'E' with nothing left to give.

We struggle to devote the necessary time and attention to our marriage as we know we should. At times we find it difficult to give our children the daily guidance and nourishment they deserve and desire. And we lack the energy to perform well in the office or the boardroom.

It seems as if everyone and everything is pulling at us until we have nothing left to give. Just as we would never fathom driving our car with the gas tank is on 'E'. We can’t successfully maneuver through life when we are depleted of strength and direction.

We must take a minute to refuel. The word of God refreshes us. His word gives us nourishment, encouragement, power, and direction. Let God fill your tank! Let His word light your path and give you direction! I know what you’re thinking You’re busy You’re overwhelmed You’ve tried numerous times but you can’t find the time to truly dive into studying His word. With little ones constantly pulling at you, sleep deprivation, and the numerous responsibilities of life this seems like an impossible task. If this is you. If you’re “too busy" get creative with studying His word!

Here are a few tips:

  1. Try placing a Memory verse as the home screen of your phone. Refer to it, and reflect on it throughout the day.

  2. Listen to music. Music sets the atmosphere. Set the atmosphere of praise and worship in your home. Try singing and dancing along as you clean up or as a fun activity during playtime with the kiddos.

  3. Listen to bible. Most bible apps have the option of audio. Listen to your favorite bible story or chapter while cooking or washing dishes.

  4. Sing or pray in the shower. For those with small children shower time maybe the only alone time you get throughout the day. Take advantage of it. Take this time to redirect your focus to the things of God. Let go of the worry and stress of the day for just a moment and sing worship or lift up a prayer unto Him.

  5. Talk about it. Talk about the day’s memory verse with a friend or your spouse. Speak about how God has opened your eyes, changed your perspective or shown you new things through that particular verse.

  6. Sleep on it. Fall into a peaceful sleep as you listen to your favorite worship or meditation music. Or use this time to listen to your favorite christian podcast or audio bible.

Reading God's word does not have to be a tedious task that consumes your entire day. Yes we should have a designated time set aside to commune with our Heavenly Father. However when life happens and you feel like your just can't find the time, incorporate some of the above suggestions into your day to refill your empty cup and continue to grow in your faith, and find the strength to push through your day.

Go Ahead! Give it a try! Your cup is in need of a refill!



What are some things you can do today to fill yourself with the Word of God even in the midst of busyness?

Psalms 119:105 "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path". Read it. Study it. Meditate on His word and let Him do a work in you. Prayer: Lord refill me. Show me ways to find you even in the midst of my busyness. Your word says "seek and you shall find". And today I seek you above all else. I’ve been running on empty my cup is dry. Today I open my heart to more of you. Fill me until I overflow!

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