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New Beginnings

Let me tell you about beginnings.

I love them!

A fresh start. A blank page. A clean slate. A new canvas, new hope and new possibilities. In

the newness of a fresh start the possibilities are endless, and the potential is limitless.

I recently came across a picture of my son’s first day of preschool and I began to reflect on how quickly he has grown and how fast time seemed to be moving.

Sometimes reminiscing on "old times" leaves me reflecting on missed opportunity instead of the joyous nostalgia that I should feel. Often, I find myself wishing I had done more or done better. Sometimes looking back over my kid’s childhood reminds me of everything I did not do. I am reminded how much I did not give or how much I was not there. I find myself stuck in the past beating myself up over the could’ve, would’ve, should haves. And this day was no different. As I continued to stare at the photo of his adorable smile reflecting his precious innocence instead of unlocking sweet memories, the memories this one simple photo stirred up were bittersweet.

I was present for all his "first" and the "special occasions”, but I had missed out on enjoying the moment because I was distracted, overwhelmed and consumed with daily demands, pressures and stresses of being everything for everyone. And although I was there, I had missed being present. That is what this one photo represented to me - that I had missed out. In my experience and interactions with other mothers I have realized I am not alone in how I feel. There are others who at times find it difficult to bear the weight and responsibility of motherhood and find difficulty in balancing it all.

So, if this story resonates with you, if this is your experience as we begin this new year let me remind you that each day is a new beginning. A fresh start and a clean slate. A new opportunity to get it right. Each day is a new opportunity for you to create new memories new traditions and new stronger bonds. It is a new opportunity to truly embrace your role while enjoying the journey.

Remember in the beginning the earth was empty and darkness reigned on the earth and God called forth the light. He recognized that the light was good, and He confirmed and sustained it. (Genesis 1). He is a God of new beginnings and can create something out of nothing. He can take what is broken and make it whole again. View each new day as a new opportunity to call forth light where darkness or imperfections reign. Use each new day as an opportunity to affirm and sustain that which is "good" by inviting God into the broken areas of your life. Into the areas where chaos exist and allowing Him to bring order.

Your journey through motherhood will not be without incident. There will be some challenges, uncertainties, and some bumps and bruises along the way. Sometimes you will get it right, other times you will need a redo. The beauty of a journey is that the growth comes in the process, in the experience not in reaching the destination. At each milestone in your child’s life there will be new beginnings with a new set of skills to learn. Even at the smallest of milestones such as the beginning of a new day, new week, or a new year - we get to start fresh - a chance to learn more than we knew the day before, to do better and to get it "right". Remember it is the process that builds the integrity of the finished product. So, enjoy the journey. Focus on being present not being "perfect".

Remember today is a new beginning a fresh start and a new opportunity to be present in the lives of those you love. It is a new opportunity to love unconditionally. A new opportunity to encourage, equip, and prepare. It is a new opportunity to invite God to speak into the chaos of your life and give you a new vigor.


Read Genesis chapter 1.

Meditate on God's amazing ability to create something out of nothing. Reflect on His ability to bring order to disarray. Consider the areas of your own life where you need a fresh start or a new beginning and invite Him to speak new life into your situation.

Ask Him to reveal to you, your role in bringing order and direction to the chaos in your life.

Ask the Lord to allow you to start anew.


Lord today I pray for a fresh start. Your word says that " if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new" (2 Corinthians 5:17, KJV). Today Lord I let go of the old me. My old way of thinking doing and perceiving, and I walk in the newness of your Spirit. I open my heart to your molding and shaping. Lord I invite you to speak into the darkness of my life and make something new and beautiful. Lord allow me to start anew.

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