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Internal Portrait

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

What’s your internal portrait?

If we could take a picture of your thoughts are they filled with peace and positivity or do you struggle with internal turmoil such as; indecisiveness, insecurity, and feelings of inadequacy?

We are so busy dressing up the outside - make-up, hair, jewelry, lashes etc. that we often neglect our inner man.

When was the last time you’ve done an internal makeover?

We can make our outer appearance look in shape and well put together but if our inner thoughts are unhealthy and not in line with God’s word we will never find true inner peace. Our inner peace is connected to our "internal portrait" or how we view ourselves. What's your "internal portrait"?

Do an internal inventory. Ask yourself:

Do I base my worthiness on social media likes?

Do I believe I am only as good and successful as others say I am?

Does my self confidence waiver with others opinions of me?

Am I busy living up to the expectations of man or of my Heavenly Father?

Happiness starts within. Self acceptance leads to inner peace. The only way to find inner peace is to truly be happy with who God made you to be - flaws and all. The answer to who you are is found in Him. All of God's creations are perfect! Find your inner peace by learning to accept yourself just as God created you.


How do you view yourself?

Do you have a positive self image or is the way you view yourself solely based on others acceptance of you?

Meditate on Psalms 139:14.

What does it mean to be fearfully and wonderfully made in His image?

If you lack self-confidence and a positive self image ask the Lord to help you to see yourself through His eyes.


Father I pray for those who may feel unworthy. Those who feel they don't measure up or are not good enough. I lift them up to you in prayer. I ask Father that you touch every area that is wounded. That you mend the broken pieces and heal the hurt. Remove the pain of the past and the trauma that has hurt them and prevented them from moving forward with a positive self-image. Father I pray that they will learn to see themselves through your eyes. Lord they are your masterpiece made in your image. Help them to see the good. Awaken in them a new mindset, and new perspective. Awaken in them a renewed mind that embraces every bit of themselves as you already have.


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