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Do you ever feel like you are lacking? As if you never have enough? Are you always in search of more? Do you sometimes look back over your life and feel you have not done enough, have not given enough, have not accomplished enough or secured enough "wins"?

So often we spend plenty of time looking at what we do not have. But when is the last time you have taken inventory of what you do have? A spouse that adores you, a flourishing career, well-manner children. A home filled with love. Loved ones who support and admire you. Food on your table and clothes on your back. Genuine friendships and meaningful relationships. At the end of it all. When it is all said and done none of the awards, titles, accolades or material possessions can come with us. So, are they what really matter? Or is it the little things that count? Was your name well respected? Were your days filled with joy and peace? Did you live every day to the fullest? And most importantly did you live a life that glorified the Lord?

Just recently I was reflecting on my life. Thinking on how quickly another year has gone by. With another year of age and wisdom under my belt, I found myself feeling grief instead of joy. I was feeling down because another 365 days had passed, and I had failed to accomplish something "extraordinary".

I had to remind myself not to lose perspective. Every new day I am blessed to see has the potential to be extraordinary. It all depends on what I decided to do with it. I can choose to create something meaningful, powerful, and impactful that will outlast my existence, or I could spend my time collecting meaningless "stuff" that give me a sense of pride only for a moment.

2020 was a year of tremendous loss for many. I learned just how quickly the normal can become abnormal and just how precious and valuable life is. So, as I enter this new year, I am taking inventory - not of how much was lost but of what I have gained. You see perspective is everything. As time keeps rolling on, I realize I have not loss and am not lacking anything, but I have gained a wealth of knowledge wisdom and experience to share with those around me. Remember life is short. And our time here should not solely be spent acquiring stuff - accolades, recognition, etc... Our time on this earth should be spent making an impact. What type of "imprint" are you making on the lives of those around you? What is said about you when you are not in the room? And more importantly what will be said about you when you are no longer on this earth?

So, as I look back over the past year my time of self-reflection taught me to stop focusing on what I am acquiring and start looking at what I am leaving behind?

As you take inventory of your own life your successes, wins and even your failures. What are you leaving behind. How are you impacting the environment around you?

Whatever you desire your legacy to be start building it today. Stop chasing after material satisfaction and earthly recognition and place value in those things that will leave a lasting imprint of who you are and what you represent.

The marriage you are committed to, the family you are raising, and the career you are pursing are all a part of your future legacy. Recognize that the time you invest in each aspect of your life is time invested in building your legacy. You are not just a mom you are someone who gets things done, even in less-than-optimal circumstances while still displaying love and compassion as you help to identify and nurture the skills, gifts and talents of the next generation. A woman who will be recognized as a symbol of strength and resilience by the women of future generations. You are not just a wife you are someone who knows the true meaning of commitment and dedication. Your love is selfless. And because you understand the true meaning of love you are supportive yet confident. Because of this you are well-respected and will be remembered as a portrait of what a "wife" should be. You are not just your job title: secretary, manager, teacher, nurse, doctor, etc... You a pursuer. A woman who knows what she wants and goes after it. Not held back by fear but driven by faith. You are the true definition of ambition and your legacy will foster a tribe of confident young women.

Building your legacy is a labor of love - not a chore and it is something you are doing each day intended or unintended. Use your time wisely and build something everlasting. You do not need another plaque on your wall or your name in lights to make an impact and leave a positive imprint on the lives of others.


Read and meditate on Proverbs 13:22

Take the time to reflect on the legacy you want to leave behind.

Ask the Lord to guide you in building a godly legacy.


God, I thank you for your son Jesus the Christ who left an incredible legacy for us to follow when He walked the earth. I know as your child I have been commissioned to do the same. Lord let my focus not be on how much I can accumulate during my time here on earth but let me prioritize the legacy I will leave behind for others to emulate and follow. I am not just a wife, mother, or my job description but I am a woman of faith designed to create, inspire and effect change. I have been inspired by Christ to live out a legacy of hope and faith that draws others unto you. Let me not stray from the path He left for me to follow but let me remain focused on what you have called and equipped me to accomplish. Amen!

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