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A Servant's Heart

Does your career ,your work, or the way you earn a living seem purposeless at times? Do you sometimes dread what you do? Does it seem like what you do is insignificant and lacks purpose and meaning? If so let’s evaluate your perspective.

Do you view your job, your assignment, or your career as simply a means of making money or accumulating earthly wealth or possessions? Or do you recognize your work as a form of worship? Whatever it is that you do, God can be honored and the Kingdom can be advanced. But you must make an effort to see your earthly work not only as a means of money and attainment but as an opportunity to honor God with your gifts and talents. You must develop "servant's heart" and learn to approach your work as a opportunity to serve and not to be served.

Remember that God created each of us with a purpose. And the work he has called you to do whether in the boardroom or in the home is meant to serve others and bring glory to Him. If you have lost your enthusiasm or passion for what you do, maybe you have lost sight of your God given purpose and it’s time to redirect your focus.

Your career should not be viewed as only a source of income. When we chase after temporary things such as wealth, financial gain or material items; the excitement and passion towards the pursuit is temporary and soon wanes. The bible says: “As each one has received a gift, minister it to one another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God" 1 Peter 4:10.

Whether your jobs call for mental or physical labor, or a combination of both, you are meant to glorify God and honor Him with the work of your hands. You are required to be a good steward of the gifts and talents God has given you.

If you have lost sight of your calling it’s time you rediscover your God given purpose and passion. It’s time to dive into the work that benefits the Kingdom and brings Him glory. Because it is when you truly honor and serve Him that you will find the peace, satisfaction, and purpose that you seek. Whether you’re working from the boardroom, the operating room, or your own living room you are called to glorify God through your work. God has given you talents and strengths, it is up to you to discover them and use it for His glory.


Meditate on 1 Peter 4:10. Ask God to reveal to you the unique gifts and talents that you possess, and ask Him to show you how to be a good steward over them. Ask God to reveal to you how to view your work as a form a worship how to use it not only as a means of earthly gain but as a way to serve others and bring glory to Him.


Lord I pray for those that feel stuck and lack direction. I pray for those that feel purposeless because they have lost their enthusiasm and passion for what they do. I pray Lord that in this season you continue to reveal yourself in every area of their lives. Your Word says to seek ye first the kingdom...and today Lord I pray for hearts that put you first and seek you above all else. I pray for hearts that welcome you into every aspect of their journey and that you guide their feet every step of the way. Seeking you and your will is the first step in developing a servant's heart and I pray as they discover their gifts and talents that they use them to serve others and to bring you glory. Lord let those that are searching find the peace, satisfaction and purpose they are seeking. Amen!

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