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Are you feeling overwhelmed, distressed, or frustrated in your role as a mother, wife or career woman? Are you striving to be everything to everyone? The perfect mom, perfect wife and perfect professional. Are you feeling unfulfilled and empty at the end of a day spent meeting the needs of others? Do you perhaps know a woman who fits this description?

Dr. LaTisha Glass empowers women throughout the pages of her new book, P.R.A.I.S.E. — A Woman’s Guide to Finding Fulfillment in Marriage, Family & Career, as she shows them how to transform their lives despite their past pain, mistakes and challenges.


Dr. LaTisha Glass has developed a valuable resource to assist women in gaining a new perspective on how to manage the challenges of juggling their many roles. This book takes women on a journey into the intimate aspects of the author’s life, while assisting them in developing a plan that will lead to happiness, balance, and fulfillment in their marriage, family, professional, and spiritual lives.

Get Ready To…

  • Feel the peace and guidance you’ve been longing for

  • Obtain words of wisdom for winning on a daily basis

  • Learn the Scriptures that can help strengthen you

  • Experience fulfillment in your marriage, family, and career

  • Take on life’s challenges with a new approach — and win!


Dr. LaTisha Glass, a native of Detroit, Michigan, is a wife, mother, and career woman. As a practicing clinician she knows the struggles of juggling multiple roles. Her goal is help women build a strong marriage, a strong family and strong faith. Through faith based teachings and practical tips Dr. LaTisha empowers women by teaching them to truly thrive even in the midst of the heavy demands of marriage and motherhood.
Dr. LaTisha partners with her husband in business and in ministry. They work side-by-side providing instruction and relief to their patients, and edifying the body of Christ. She often spends her days juggling the demands of family life and her aspiring careers goals. She enjoys serving others and has a passion for children.

In her spare time, Dr. LaTisha loves spending time with her family; enjoying their company, building stronger bonds, and just taking pride in watching her children learn and grow.
Dr. LaTisha's favorite scripture is Philippians 4:13 which says: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me," and she hopes to be an example to others of what faith and works can bring.”

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